My Name is Ki

Director: Leszek Dawid

Poland, drama, 2011, 98 min
Ki, the main character, refuses to be limited by the responsibilities of parenthood. She does not want to follow in her mother’s footsteps, so she rejects the stereotype of a single, unfulfilled mother. Instead, she wants to live a fast-paced, colourful life. One day Ki meets Miko. Her difficult relationship with him and other failures in her personal life are not promising. Nevertheless, it all helps her become mature enough to embrace love and responsibility for herself and her son. My Name Is Ki is a unique portrait of contemporary woman struggling with both her intimidating past and unknown future in her present moment.
2011 – Best Actress in a Leading Role award for Roma Gąsiorowska at the Polish Films Festival in Gdynia (Poland).
About the director:
Leszek Dawid was born 1971 in Poland. He is a graduate of the English Philology College at Wrocław University and the Directing Department of Film School in Lodz. He previously directed documentaries and short feature films, and has been an assistant and a second director for feature films, documentaries, and TV productions. L. Dawid is a scholarship holder of the Andrzej Munk Screenplay Fund and the Nipkow Foundation in Berlin. He also works as an assistant lecturer in the Directing Department of the Film School in Łodź.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Paweł Ferdek

Dir. of Photography: Łukasz Gutt

Music: Leszek Freund, Karol Mańka

Cast: Roma Gąsiorowska, Adam Woronowicz, Sylwia Juszczak, Krzysztof Ogłaza