Mutiny (Is This What You Were Born For? - Part 3)

Mutiny (Is This What You Were Born For? - Part 3)
Director: Abigail Child

USA, experimental, 1983, 10 min

Experimental films reviewers called this film revolutionary, daring and challenging the canons of filmmaking. “Mutiny: Is This What You Were Born For?” continues Abigail Child’s short film series “Is This What You Were Born For?” and analyses femininity and rebellion. Having assembled women from various art branches – a violinist, a singer, a dancer and a poet – the director creates a feast of wild laughter, dancing and smiling, following only one rule: to speak the truth only.

About the director:

Abigail Child is a poet, writer, producer and visual artist, born in 1948, San Francisco (USA). She created documentary films at the start of her career, but, after becoming interested in the disjunction between image and sound, started experimenting with short films. She spent the 80’s creating the famous “Is This What You Were Born For?” short film series, which observed human relations and womanhood particularly. Feminist ideas are relatively close to Child’s creations. The director has recently been creating films about relevant social issues, for instant, urban homelessness.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Dir. of Photography: Abigail Child

Cast: Polly Bradfield, Sally Silvers, Erica Hunt, Selley Hirsch