Mood Mondrian

Mood Mondrian
Director: Marie Menken

USA, experimental, 1961, 6 min

“Mood Mondrian” is a film about a painting and music. Marie Menken reveals her calling as a painter, seen in her other works, by creating a visual rhapsody on Piet Mondrian’s famous painting Broadway Boogie Woogie. The raving boogie spirit fixed in paint is reconstructed in visual poetry.

About the director:

Marie Menken (real name Menkevičiūtė, 1909–1970) was an American experimental filmmaker and artist born in New York to a family of Lithuanian immigrants. Often called ‘the mother of avant-garde’, the artist worked with the likes of Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas and Gerard Malanga. Creating art both in life and in her creations, M. Menken started out as painter and collage artist, but after discovering the art of cinema she created about two dozen graceful experimental short films, exceptional in their rhythmical construction, colour and light play. They could easily be called exceptional visual poetry.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Dir. of Photography: Marie Menken