Director: Doze Niu

Taiwan, Drama, 2010, 140 min
Monga is the name of an old quarter of Taipei. Mosquito and his friends have no illusions about the unwritten laws that prevail in this part of the town: if you want to survive here you’ve got to be stronger than your enemies. Mosquito, Monk, Dragon, White Monkey and A-Lan are all members of the ‘Gang of Princes’. They formed the gang when Mosquito’s snack was stolen on his first day at school in Monga. The five teenagers have decided – they don’t want to be pushed around. The boys soon begin to enjoy their new found gangster lifestyle and are already planning to take over as top dogs on the streets of Monga. But little do they know that there are others who are deeply jealous of Mosquito’s success.


2011 – Best Newcomer prize at the Asian Film Award Ceremony.

About the director:

Doze Niu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1966. He took up acting at the tender age of nine and, in 1983, he was the youngest actor ever to be nominated for a Golden Horse Award at the Taipei Film Festival. A director since 2000, he also began producing in 2002. His feature film debut “What on Earth Have I Done Wrong?” screened at a number of European film festivals and picked up NETPAC and FIPRESCI awards in Rotterdam. “Monga” is his second feature film.
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Doze, Niu Chen-Zer, Tseng Li-Ting

Dir. of Photography: Jake Pollock

Music: Sandee Chan

Cast: Ethan Juan, Mark Chao, Ma Ju-Lung, Ko Chia-Yen, Rhydian Vaughan, Jason Wang, Tsai Chang-Hsine, Huang Teng-Hui, Chen Han-Tien, Hsing Feng