Law and the Fist

Prawo i pięśc
Director: Jerzy Hoffman, Edward Skórzewski

Poland, Drama, 1964, 92 min

The film is about Andrzej Kenig, who is trying to start a new life after his release from a concentration camp. He finds a new home and looks for a new job. Eventually he is allowed to join a group of men who work ensuring that the cultural properties left behind by the Germans are returned in a proper state. But it turns out that Kenig’s comrades regard this as an opportunity to enrich themselves. Kenig has to choose whether to stand up to them or remain true to his principles. This film, breaking the genre conventions in the 1960’s, brought a new energy to the Polish Cinema School when it was in decline.

About the directors:
The Polish filmmaker Jerzy Hoffman was born in Krakow, in 1932. Hoffman received his education at the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography, Moscow. Together with his long-time partner, the documentary films director Edward Skorzewski, they made several distinguished feature films and documentaries in the '50s, '60s and '70s. He and Skorzewski worked together until the mid-'60s, when Hoffman struck out on his own.
Section: Red Westerns

Screenplay: Józef Hen

Dir. of Photography: Jerzy Lipman

Music: Krzysztof Komeda

Cast: Gustaw Holoubek, Zofia Mrozowska, Hanna Skarżanka, Wiesław Gołas, Zdzisław Maklakiewicz