L'arbre Bleu

L'arbre Bleu
Director: Marcelle Thirache

France, experimental, 2001, 2 min

The azure sky and a plane tree are seen through a window. It is carefully watched, its texture observed, the astonishing blue of the sky... afterwards, it’s painted on. “The Blue Tree” is a meditative glance through the window coming from the known experimental filmmaker Marcelle Thirache, and revealing her long-lived interest in painting.

About the director:

Marcelle Thirache (born in 1946, France) is the follower of the famous Marguerite Duras and Germaine Dulac traditions both in the ideological and technical sense. After discovering the dissociation between image and sound and the French avant-garde films, Thirache soon took the film camera into her own hands. The unique feature of this creator was gradually revealed – she started to paint directly on the filmstrip, creating an incredible visual effect. Her later-completed classical painting studies also contributed to that. Marcelle Thirache creates a uniquely sensitive visual world, inspiring life to it by paint.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Dir. of Photography: Marcelle Thirache