Katės efektas

Cat Effect
Director: Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn

Germany, Brasil, Lithuania, Russia, 2011, 40 min
The “Cat Effect” is the story about a woman who is walking alone through the streets of Moscow, getting on and out of a subway trains on her way to the meeting that includes a screening of a film about a cat. The duo of Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn makes an enigmatic film in which the abstraction interrupts a nightmare–like story. The film is named after it’s scene with a cat walking in the street. This scene was shoot, but not used in their previous film. The effect of burning gold happened during the processing of the footage, so this film is entirely processed with aim to reveal the mysterious effect. In this way, the cat effect appears as main character in this film and strange, fragmented story just reflects the disobedience of the effect as it was a cat.
Section: All the Muses. Short film program “After a Scene...“

Screenplay: Melissa Dullius, Gustavo Jahn

Dir. of Photography: Vilius Mačiulskis

Music: Gustavo Jahn, Erik Haegert, Ansgar Tappert, Cristina Braga

Cast: Tatyana Derbenyova, Daria Gordeeva, Julia Gushina, Dimitry Trofimov, Andrey Kostyanov