High on Hope

High on Hope
Director: Piers Sanderson

United Kingdom, documentary, 2010, 72 min
Contemporary music is inconceivable without dance music. But do you know how this genre came into the spotlight? British filmmaker Piers Sanderson attempts to answer this question in a musical documentary “High on Hope”, taking the audience back to the 80’s when the only clubs shaken by dance music were the small ones. To show this music‘s phenomenal journey to becoming an international youth cult, the director uses authentic material such as news archives, hand-held footage of the parties and interviews with the flag-bearers of that musical revolution. This film was created in 8 years without any funding, only with, as the director says, a lot of love. “High on Hope” is a journey through one of last century’s biggest music revolutions, accompanied by unforgettable sounds.
2010 – Best International Film Award, at the In-Edit Film Festival, Barcelona (Spain).
2010 – Audience award, at the Leeds International Film Festival (UK).
About the director:
The life of Piers Sanderson, a British filmmaker, was always connected with music. Having worked as a music producer, opened a chain of bars and restaurants and created a TV show in the 90’s, the director finally chanced upon what he calls one of the most inspiring elements of his life: the acid house music movement in the UK. Sanderson‘s documentary “High on Hope” is his first feature film.
Section: Music Moves the World

Dir. of Photography: Piers Sanderson