Hands Up

Les mains en l'air
Director: Romain Goupil

France, drama, 2010, 90 min
“Hands Up” is a delicate glance into the world of immigrants’ children and their problems - which are not at all childish. Ten-year-old Milana is an illegal immigrant from Chechnya, living in Paris with her family. Her friends unite to protect her after realising that she might be deported. One of them encourages life-weary Cendrine to take the girl under her wing and save her from the government’s hands. But is this children’s big wish enough to resist the ruthless system of laws? This movie, directed by Romain Goupil, is an idyllic story about true friendship, spiced with colourful bits of political satire.
2011 – European Silver Ribbon for the actor Valeria Bruni- Tedeschi, Italian National Syndicate of Film Critics (Italy).
About the director:
Romain Goupil was born in 1951, Paris, France. Often called the best reflection of the May 1968 revolution in French cinema, the director never issued his creative and political ideals – besides cinema, he’s still active in French political life. From the beginning of his creative journey in 1982 up until his latest work “Hands Up”, Romain Goupil’s films are full of narrative mastery and, no matter if they are documentary or fiction; they are drawn from real life stories. This filmmaker’s movies do not draw huge crowds into the cinemas and the city streets do not sound of them, but film lovers have been saying Romain Goupil’s name with great relish for many years.
Section: Identity

Screenplay: Romain Goupil

Dir. of Photography: Irina Lubtchansky

Music: Sophie Chiabaut

Cast: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Linda Doudaeva, Jules Ritmanic, Louna Klanit, Louka Masset, Jérémie Yousaf