Hallelujah The Hills

Hallelujah The Hills
Director: Adolfas Mekas

USA, Lithuania, experimental film, comedy, 1963, 88 min

After the release of Adolfas Mekas’s “Hallelujah the Hills”, film critics joked about the movie being the most American film ever made. Indeed this comedy is a parody of American cinema classics, laughing at the USA’s ever-so-sweet film canons, so full of the American dream. Along with unexpected moments of lyricism and Zenlike tranquillity in the nervous image vortex Hallelujah the Hills tells a story about two friends: they are in love with the same woman and pursue her in different places and different seasons. It seems that the film’s formula is unduly simple. But the director’s inimitable sense of humour made this picture an American avant-garde cinema classic.


1963 – Silver Sail award for Best Director, Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland).

Section: Tribute to Adolfas Mekas

Screenplay: Adolfas Mekas

Dir. of Photography: Ed Emshwiller

Music: Meyer Kupferman

Cast: Peter Beard, Sheila Finn, Martin Greenbaum, Peggy Steffans