Fear of Blushing

Fear of Blushing
Director: Jennifer Reeves

USA, experimental, 2001, 6 min

Bleached, painted and optically printed film „Fear of Blushing“ combines alternating textures, irrepressible colour and corroded figures with menacing sound bites, effects and rhythm. Fleeting visions and voices emerge in unusual juxtapositions, creating an almost psychoanalytical effect. This steaming creation does not suggest reflection – it is to be experienced here and now. Only after that can you wonder, what was buried there by director Jennifer Reeves?

About the director:

Jennifer Reeves (born in 1971, Ceylon, Sri Lanka) is an American experimental filmmaker and artist based in New York. A filming camera first came into her hands during high school and later on she started intensive experimentation both in technical and movie themes terms. J. Reeves discusses mental health, memory, feminism and political questions in her creations and the film is technically processed with hand-painting and sewing. The result? Unique and feminine movies which have travelled through a lot of film festivals and an immediately recognizable director‘s style.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Music: Jennifer Reeves