Crows Fly Over

Havrania cesta
Director: Martin Hollý

Czechoslovakia, Drama, 1962, 90 min

“Crows Fly Over” is a story set against a background of the construction of electric distribution systems in rural Slovakia. The film captures the life and work of a group of electricians who come to electrify a co-operative located in a mountain village. Although the theme of the film is based on the ‘official’ Soviet theme of the ‘Industrialising’ of Czechoslovakia, “Crows Fly Over depicts” it through distinctive dramatic characters, their relationships and conflicts. Instead of awakening Soviet agitation, M. Holly’s film presents real social relationships in actual conditions and depicts their effect on the life and actions of an individual.

About the director:
Born in Košice, in 1931 Slovak film director and screenwriter Martin Hollý initially worked at Short Film Studio in Bratislava. His feature debut was “Crows Fly Over” (Havrania cesta) in 1962. Later on Hollý dabbled in many genres: the psychological “Case for the Barrister” (Prípad pre obhajcu, 1964), the romantic “Eagle's Feather” (Orlie pierko, 1971), and the historical drama “The Medal” (Signum laudis, 1980). His most famous film is “The Ballad of Seven Hanged Men” (Balada o siedmych obesených, 1968) – the latter gaining him several awards, including the Grand Prize at Monte Carlo. Hollý died in 2004 at the age of 72.
Section: Films of the Golden Period: Slovak New Wave

Screenplay: Ľudovít Filan, Monika Gajdošová

Dir. of Photography: Vincent Rosinec

Music: Rudolf Pavlíček

Cast: Július Pántik, Viera Galatíková, Štefan Kvietik, Ondrej Vandlík, Teodor Piovarči, Anton Mrvečka