Chingachgook: The Great Snake

Chingachgook, die grosse Schlange
Director: Richard Groschopp

German Democratic Republic, Action film, western, 1967, 92 min

English troops attempt to seize the French colonial settlements in North America in 1740. The local Indian tribes become involved as mercenaries - the Huron on the French side, and the Delawareans on the English side. Wahtawah, the daughter of the Delawarean chief, is promised to the young warrior Chingachgook, but he is from the other side of fighters. Chingachgook decided to kidnap Wahtawah. An adventurous film, “Chingachgook: The Great Snake” is based on the novel “The Deerslayer” by James Fennimore Cooper.

About the director:
German film director Richard Groschopp (1906-1996) started his career as a baker and made films in his spare time. But he soon switched to cinema. During WWII, he made instruction films. After the war he was one of the first film makers at the German Democratic Republic state studio DEFA. In 1967 he became known worldwide with his feature “Chingachgook: The Great Snake” (Chingackgook, die grose Schlange, 1967).
Section: Red Westerns

Screenplay: Wolfgang Ebeling, Richard Groschopp

Dir. of Photography: Otto Hanisch

Music: Wilhelm Neef

Cast: Gojko Mitic, Rolf Römer, Lilo Grahn, Helmut Schreiber, Jürgen Frohriep