Director: Joyce Wieland

Canada, eksperimental, 1968, 13 min

Joyce Wieland’s work “Catfood” yet again reflects the director’s indelible love for details and, so it seems, the smallest everyday things. Only a cat, eating fish after fish, is shown on the screen. But this process is recorded by exceptionally observing every motion of the animal – its eyes closed in gusto, the small claws of the cat’s graceful paw diving into the fish... The New Yorker compared this film even to the works of the famous Jean-Luc Godard.

About the director:

Joyce Wieland (1931–1998) was a Canadian experimental filmmaker and artist. Wieland challenged the avant-garde film boundaries of her time and tried to make people realize the everyday miracles of life with her movies. Creating a relatively small number of films, the director received a lot of attention and recognition. The works of this filmmaker astound one with their meditative simplicity and the intensity of thought. Wieland is also known as a gifted installation artist.

Section: Special Screenings: Avantgarde women programme curated by Jonas Mekas

Dir. of Photography: Joyce Wieland