Canimation Short Film Program

Canimation Short Film Program presented by Animated Encounters 2010, Bristol UK

The idea for an international film programme consisting of animated graffiti or street art arose from the global success over the last three decades of both animation and urban art in Bristol and the way the city’s cultural reputation has been shaped by these. Urban street art and animation as contemporary art-forms are flowering in most cities around the world and it is the resonance of these cultural activities that help spur on our own local productions.
When it came to researching ‘Canimation’, film clips and programmes were sourced from across Europe and the rest of the world and ranged from straightforward time-lapse recordings to more complex stop-frame animated pieces. One of the central features in the programme is the  fascinating documentary "Rack Gaki" exploring some of the styles and artists found on the streets of Japan. What all the films have in common is testament to the diverse creativity of street artists from all over the world.
Kieran Argo, Animated Encounters Programme Manager, Bristol Film Festival

Rež. Repaze 777, Prancūzija, 2010 m., 4:32 min.
Be pavadinimo
Rež. Broken Fingaz, Izraelis, 2009 m., 1:50 min
Rež. Yoann Lemoine, Prancūzija, 2010 m., 1:36 min.
Traukinių sprogdinimas
Rež. Bodie Jahn-Mulliner ir Sylvester Rishøj Jensen,
Danija, 2009 m., 4:56 min
Kelionė! Ten
Rež. Tommy Anderson, JK, 2010 m., 4:28 min.
Rež. Repaze 777, Prancūzija, 2010 m., 3:56 min..
FLX & DCY: The Hobbs Show
Rež. Jon Davey, JK, 2010 m., 1:13 min.
Rež. Joe Ryan, JK, 2010 m., 1:19 min.
Rež. Tom Scott, JK, 2010 m., 58 sec.
Triušio irimas
Rež. ROA, filmavo Gonzo, Belgija, 2010 m., 33 sec.
Rež. Suridh Halsan, JK, 2006 m., 6:20 min.
Rež. Rocket01, JK, 2009 m., 28 min.
Grafičio evoliucija
Rež. David Quiroga, 2009 m., 1:49 min.
Rež. Robin Sarkar, Vokietija, 2010 m., 1:58 min.
Rinktinis lavonas
Rež. Sowat & Kan (Da Mental Vaporz Crew), Prancūzija, 2009 m., 4:13
Septyneto medis
Rež. Repaze 777, Prancūzija, 2010 m., 3:16 min.
Graffiti Leurs (Llavor1)
Rež. Pau Magrané ir Cristian Trifon Domenech Maynou, Ispanija, 2007 m., 58 sec.
Tikrosios spalvos – sena technika, naujas stilius
Rež. Tomislav Topic, Vokietija, 2010 m., 5:10 min.
Nepriskirk to Banksy
Rež. Aardman, JK, 2010 m., 30 sec.


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