Born in the USSR

Born in the USSR
Director: Simona Žemaitytė

Lithuania, Turkey, Documentary animation, 2011, 7 min

The documentary “Born in the USSR” is a short comment on belonging based on the Soviet propaganda imagery, originally published in a book for children called “Su Leninu” (With Lenin). The film is a story of ideological and geographical displacement, as well as the absence of memories. The documentary animation is drawing a parallel between the characters of the book, and the generation of the children born in the USSR a few years before its breakdown. Just like the characters of the book, who are placed in a different story and medium, the children of the USSR are drifting in different parts of the world trying to create a new identity and find a sense of belonging.

Section: Short film program “Expanded Glimpses“

Screenplay: Simona Žemaitytė

Music: Alp Tugan

Producer: Ieva Bužinskaitė