A Friend of Mine

Üks mu sõber
Director: Mart Kivastik

Estonia, Drama, 2011, 102 min
70-year-old Mati is a passionate bibliophile whose job is his hobby - he´s got a job at the library. The rest of his little time he shares with his sweet wife. Then one sudden day death comes to his spouse. A whole life of stability crashes. Neither his adolescent daughter nor his dear books are of any help. Loneliness and indifference overrun his life and Mati plots his suicide. A strange 60-year- old wayfarer, Sass, who travels with a backpack of books and frequents public libraries to read the newspapers, brings forth a change. Bit by bit he starts to provide Mati with an interest in life again. "A Friend of Mine" is a warm expression of solitude and friendship, which helps us to overcome the bleakest periods of life.

About the director:

Mart Kivastik was born in Estonia, in 1963. He is an acknowledged Estonian writer, scriptwriter and film director. He has written a script for Ain Mäeots’s film “Taarka” (1998) and Hannu Salonen’s film "Vasha" (2009). “A Friend of Mine” (Üks mu sõber, 2011) is his debut feature film.
Section: Wide Angle

Screenplay: Mart Kivastik

Dir. of Photography: Jarkko T. Laine

Music: Ardo Ran Varres, Ivo Felt, Kristian Miilen

Cast: Aarne Üksküla, Aleksander Eelmaa, Rita Raave, Harriet Toompere