25 From The Sixties, Or The Czechoslovak New Wave, II part

25 zo šesťdesiatych alebo Československá nová vlna
Director: Martin Šulík

Czech Republic, Slovakia, documentary, 2010, 105 min

The two-part feature-length documentary ”25 From The Sixties...” provides an overview of the phenomenon of the Czechoslovak New Wave in the context of the era. Filmmakers and film historians comment on 25 most important film titles and, thus, offer viewers a broader perspective on the golden era of the Czechoslovak cinema. The documentary builds on the television series of profiles The Golden Sixties. Unlike the TV series based on the individual testimonies of various artists, the feature-length documentary shows the 1960s in Czechoslovakia in the national and global contexts. It identifies how the Czechoslovak New Wave moved the goalposts and enriched international cinema, as well as where it left its indelible mark.

About the director:

Martin Šulík was born in the former Czechoslovakia in 1962. He is actor, scriptwriter and film director. Šulík‘s film ”The Garden” (Záhrada, 1995) was awarded with five Czech Lions, awards of Slovak and Czech film critics, awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film and was successful at various festivals worldwide. His film ”Landscape” (Krajinka, 2000) was the national nomination for the Academy Award selection for the Best Foreign Language Film. Šulík teaches at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava.

Section: Films of the Golden Period: Slovak New Wave

Screenplay: Jan Lukeš

Dir. of Photography: Martin Štrba, Martin Šec, Ramūnas Greičius