We Don't Care About Music Anyway

We Don't Care About Music Anyway
Director: Cédric Dupire, Gaspard Kuentz

France, documentary, 80 min., 2009, lithuanian and english subtitles
Tokyo’s avant-garde music scene is known internationally for its boldness. The film “We Don’t Care About Music Anyway” introduces eight great musicians of the scene and covers a wide spectrum of experimental music: from radical turntabling and laptop music to classical instruments and amplified sounds of the human body. But it is more than a film about music. It is first of all a film about sounds and people, who constantly seek them everywhere. It is also a film about the city, its speed and noise. “We don’t care about music anyway. We make it and that’s all”, say the artists and turn the Tokyo landscape into a soundscape. This beautifully constructed, visually and emotionally captivating film by the directing duo Cédric Dupire and Gaspard Kuentz mixes music and noise, sound and image, reality and representation, documentary and fiction.

About the directors: Cédric Dupire was born in France in 1979. He shot several short films while studying at university. In 2003 he went to India to listen to traditional Rajasthan music. From this encounter his first full-length documentary on Indian folk band “Musafir” (2005) appeared in cooperation with the director Pierre-Yves Perez. In 2008, his second film on a Guinean drummer “The right man in the right place” (L'Homme qu'il faut à la place qu'il faut) was released.
Gaspard Kuentz was born in 1981 in France. In 2003 he settled in Tokyo to study cinematography and directed a few short features there. Couple of years later those two directors met to explore Tokyo’s avant-garde music scene. Their creative collaboration resulted in a distinctive full-length documentary “We Don’t Care About Music Anyway”.

Section: Music moves the world

Dir. of Photography: Cédric Dupire

Music: Kirihito, L?K?O, Otomo Yoshihide, Numb & Saidrum, Sakamoto Hiromichi, Umi no Yeah!!!, Yamakawa Fuyuki, Goth-Trad, Hiko

Cast: Sakamoto Hiromichi, Otomo Yoshihide, Yamakawa Fuyuki, L?K?O, Numb, Saidrum, Takehisa Ken, Shimazaki Tomoko