Through the Eyes of Ouka Leele

La Mirada de Ouka Leele
Director: Rafael Gordon

Spain, documentary, 117 min., 2009, lithuanian and english subtitles
“Through the Eyes of Ouka Leele” is a documentary about the famous Spanish artist and photographer Ouka Leele, created through a period of over 5 years. The film shows the artist painting a 240-square-metre fresco on a rock in Ceutí, Spain, and talking about her life. The films combines her childhood memories, family video archive material, stories about her inspiration, future plans and participation in “La Movida” – the countercultural movement that was active in Madrid after the death of Francisco Franco in 1975. The filmmaker Rafael Gordon closely records Ouka Leele working, playing and speaking about what it’s like to be an artist constantly watched by art critics and the public. The film is a testimony to Ouka Leele’s creative work attempting to record eternity, mysticism and public discourse. The film was nominated for a Goya Award for the Best Spanish Documentary.

2010 – Best Documentary Award in the Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain.

About the director:
Film and theatre director Rafael Gordon was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1946. There he studied at the Royal Drama School (RESAD). As an actor he debuted in Alfred Mañas’ pageant of Federico Garcia Lorca’s “The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife” (La Zapatera Prodigiosa). In 1968, he founded Rafael Gordon’s production company and has been producing, writing and directing short and full feature films for the last four decades. Gordon has also worked as a tour guide and has been invited to various courses on Spanish cinema. Gordon directed over 15 short films before shooting his first full-length feature “Times of Constitution” (Tiempos de Constitución, 1979), which participated in the competition programme of the San Sebastian Film Festival. “Queen Isabel in Person” (La Reina Isabel en Persona), released in 2000, won four international awards including the Special Jury Prize at the Toulouse Cinespaña Festival in France and The Best Original Score Award of the Cinema Writers Circle, Spain. His next-to-last film “Teresa Teresa” (2003) visited many international film festivals and won over 5 awards.

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Screenplay: Rafael Gordon

Dir. of Photography: Julio Madurga

Music: Eva Gancedo, Jorge Magaz