The Walls

Director: Piotr Dumała

Poland, short film, 8 min., 1987
A troubled story of a man stuck in a room with no exit. He attempts to find at least the slightest possibility of escape, but in vain – he is surrounded by blank walls… He can hear distant footsteps in a corridor… Someone throws a large coin through the ceiling of the room and turns the light bulb off – the man is left in pitch black darkness. This essay in claustrophobia, of sophisticated images and suggestive music, is interpreted as an allusion to the Polish nation that was still living under the Communist regime.

1988 – Golden Dragon and Best Music awards at the Kraków Film Festival, Poland.
1988 – Best Film award at the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada.
1988 – Special Mention at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival.
1988 – Grand Prix award at the ANIMAFILM Animated Film Festival in Zamość, Poland.
1988 – Silver Dancer for the Best Animated Film at the Huesca International Short Film Festival, Spain.
Section: Piotr Dumała film retrospective

Screenplay: Piotr Dumała

Dir. of Photography: Grzegorz Świetlikowski, Krzysztof Męcina

Music: Przemysław Gintrowski