The Invisible Man

Director: Aleksandr Zakharov

Soviet Union, sci-fi, thriller, 84 min., 1984
Aleksandr Zakharov’s “The Invisible Man”, based on the novel by Herbert George Wells, takes us back to 19th century England. A talented young scientist Jonathan Griffin (Andrei Kharitonov) discovers a way to make things invisible. While performing an experiment, he turns himself invisible. From that moment on, his life becomes unbearable: Griffin has to go into hiding and he cannot regain his normal visible body. With his hopes failing, the young man asks his friend Dr. Kemp (Romualdas Ramanauskas) for help, but the doctor may have his own plans...

About the director:
Actor, director, screen writer and artist Aleksandr Zakharov was born in 1934 in Kiev. He graduated from the Kiev Art Institute in 1960 and State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in 1969. He worked as director’s assistant and artist at the “Kievnauchfilm” studio for some time and at the “Mosfilm” studio from 1978. He started acting in 1962 and featured in more than 20 films during two decades. He debuted as a film director and screen writer in 1984 with “The Invisible Man” (Человек-невидимка) – Zakharov’s only one full-length feature film.
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Screenplay: Aleksandr Dmitriyev, Aleksandr Zakharov

Dir. of Photography: Valeri Shuvalov

Music: Eduard Artemyev

Cast: Andrei Kharitonov, Romualdas Ramanauskas, Leonid Kuravlyov, Natalya Danilova, Oleg Golubitsky