The Freedom of the Leg

Wolność nogi
Director: Piotr Dumała

Poland, short film, 10 min., 1988
A sleeping man suddenly splits into pieces. All his body parts live their own lives. When the alarm clock goes off in the morning they come back, but the man is surprised – one leg is missing. It wanted to be free and did not want to return to its master at all. The man tries to catch the leg, but it grows feathers and flies away like a bird. A grotesque story accompanied by classical music.

1989 – Grand Prix at the 1st Animated Film Biennial FAZY'89 in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.
1989 – Bronze Hobby-Horse Award at the Kraków Film Festival, Poland.
1990 – 1st Prize in the category of 5–12 Minute Films at the Zagreb World Festival of Animated Film, Croatia.
Section: Piotr Dumała film retrospective

Screenplay: Piotr Dumała

Dir. of Photography: Grzegorz Świetlikowski, Krzysztof Męcina

Music: Janusz Hajdun, Mariusz Stopnicki