Sharunas Bartas: An Army of One

Šarūnas Bartas, vienas lauke - karys
Director: Guillaume Coudray

Lithuania, France, documentary, 51 min., 2010
The documentary film “Šarūnas Bartas: An Army of One” by Guillaume Coudray is a subjective portrait of the famous Lithuanian filmmaker. Coudray first met Bartas ten years ago, when he, then a young French producer, came to Vilnius to work on Bartas’ film “Freedom” (Laisvė, 2000). Fascinated by the director’s cinematographic work, he wanted to discover what made him and his films so exceptional. The film combines interviews of Bartas, talking about his films, his creative intentions, reminiscing about the beginning of his career as a filmmaker, and Coudray’s personal opinion on the director. Including archival footage from shooting sets, the film offers a rare opportunity to know more about the creative process and personality of the acclaimed filmmaker.

About the director:
Guillaume Coudray is a French producer, scriptwriter and director. He studied political science in Paris and worked as a junior researcher in political sociology. He has produced several documentaries and co-written a script for the documentary film “L’affaire du 17ème barreau” (2008) by Guy Girard. The film “Šarūnas Bartas: An Army of One” is Coudray’s directorial debut. The film was nominated for the Silver Crane award in the Best Documentary category.
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Screenplay: Guillaume Coudray

Dir. of Photography: Audrius Kemežys

Music: Alexander Zekke