Pudana Last of the Line

Sukunsa viimeinen
Director: Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio

Suomija, drama, 83 min., 2010
A little Nenets girl Neko (Aleksandra Okotetto), is taken against her will from her home teepee to a boarding school in a remote Russian village. Forced to adapt to a foreign culture and new customs, Neko rebels against the Russification and is bullied by her schoolmates and picked on by her teachers. After several conflicts Neko decides to flee together with her Nenets school mate, hoping to get back to her family and old habits. However, the new Russian life is inevitable... Anastasia Lapsui’s and Markku Lehmuskallio’s drama “Pudana – Last of the Line” is a story of change, upbringing and deprivation of identity. It is based on a true story set in director Anastasia Lapsui’s native Nenets, and her childhood surroundings. The film was shot in the Yamal Peninsula and is cast entirely with indigenous Nenets people, nonprofessional actors and actresses.

2010 – Grand Prix at the Créteil International Women’s Film Festival (France).
2010 – Audience Award for the Best Direction at the International Arctic Film Festival “Polar Light” (Russia).

About the directors:
Director, editor and scriptwriter Anastasia Lapsui was born in 1944, in Yamal Peninsula, Russia. After graduating from the University of the Urals in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), Lapsui worked as a newspaper and radio journalist. Based in Helsinki, Finland, today, she directs films with her husband Markku Lehmuskallio. Born in 1938, in Rauma, Finland, Markku Lehmuskallio is one of Finland‘s best known directors. The collaboration of Lapsui and Lehmuskallio has lasted for almost two decades and comprises 18 feature films. The couple’s films depicting traditional life in the Subarctic areas have earned them recognition and awards worldwide. Their latest feature “Pudana – Last of the Line” (Sukunsa viimeinen 2010) is an accurate and authentic portrayal of the rise of the Soviet regime in the Arctic hemisphere and its effect on the region’s local culture.

Section: Identity

Screenplay: Anastasia Lapsui, Markku Lehmuskallio

Dir. of Photography: Johannes Lehmuskallio

Cast: Aleksandra Okotetto, Nadezhda Pyrenko, Anastasia Lapsui, Jevgeni Hudi, Roza Laptander, Radion Anaguritshi, Ljudmila Zannikova