Pizza in Auschwitz

Pizza in Auschwitz
Director: Moshe Zimerman

Israel, documentary, 65 min., 2008, lithuanian and english subtitles
The family of the Holocaust survivor Danny Chanoch (74) has been living in the town of Žasliai, Lithuania, since the times of Grand Duke Vytautas. Danny himself grew up in the house No. 13 on Town Hall Square, in Kaunas, Lithuania. His easy childhood and gymnasium studies were terminated by the World War II. Today, the man joins every possible delegation to the Nazi death camps. He has a desire to visit the places of horror with his children, Miri and Sagi. The film crew and three family members travel from one concentration camp to another (Danny has survived five of them) towards the “final destination” at Auschwitz where Danny decides to fulfil a life-long fantasy: to spend a night in his old barrack with his own children. Filmmaker Moshe Zimerman has recorded a chaotic family trip filled with sad memories, pain and… black humour.

2008 – Filmschule Youth Jury Prize in International Leipzig Festival for Documentary.
2009 – Golden Dragon Prize in the International Krakow Film Festival.
2009 – Best full feature documentary award in Berdyansk Film Festival, Ukraine.

About the director:
Moshe Zimerman studied film and Hebrew literature in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has been working as a scriptwriter and director, and has written a number of textbooks on the relationships between Israeli film, society and culture. He has made several feature and TV films, and documentaries.
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Screenplay: Moshe Zimerman

Dir. of Photography: Avi Kener, Moshe Zimerman

Music: Ellyot Ben Ezzer