No Distance Left to Run

No Distance Left to Run
Director: Dylan Southern, Will Lovelace

UK, documentary, 104 min., 2010
“No Distance Left to Run” is a musical documentary about one of the greatest Britain’s music band of all times – “Blur”. The group formed in 1989, and after a decade they entered into a hiatus: the leader Damon Albarn created the band “Gorillaz”, other band members also worked on solo projects. After a break, in 2003 the quartet met to release the last album “Think tank” and fell apart again to reunite for the last concert tour six years later. This revival of the group became the subject of the documentary, co-directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace. The film combines live footage from rehearsals and comeback shows and unseen archival material from the group’s early years. But the most valuable parts of the film are the frank confessions of the musicians, who talk explicitly about fame, drugs, alcohol and the crises “Blur” suffered. “No Distance Left to Run” is not merely a tale about “Blur’s” rise, fall and rebirth. It is a sincere and authentic story about friendship and complicated relationship between the group members, and it is full of dramatic and emotional moments. No disagreement could extinguish the wish to perform on the stage together...

Section: Music moves the world

Dir. of Photography: Ross McLennan

Music: Blur

Cast: Alex James, Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree, Graham Coxon