Little Black Riding Hood

Czarny kapturek
Director: Piotr Dumała

Poland, short film, 6 min., 1983
This black humoured animation is an original interpretation of the popular fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”. Little Black Riding Hood is an antagonist who sets out to visit his grandmother. On the way through the forest, he meets the wolf and instantly devours it. A hunter shoots Little Black Riding Hood, but the wolf escapes the dead body and devours the hunter. The wolf grabs the hunter’s rifle and hurries off towards the grandmother’s cottage…

1983 – 2nd Award in the 5–10 minute category at the 3rd International Animated Film Festival in Varna, Bulgaria.
1984 – Honourable Mention at the 12th International Huesca Film Festival, Spain.
Section: Piotr Dumała film retrospective

Screenplay: Piotr Dumała

Dir. of Photography: Grzegorz Świetlikowski

Music: Janusz Hajdun