Beats of Freedom

Zew wolności
Director: Wojciech Słota, Leszek Gnoiński

Poland, documentary, 78 min., 2010, lithuanian and english subtitles
“Beats of Freedom” is an enchanting documentary about Polish rock under Communism, when life in this country was strictly controlled. The film features interviews with legendary underground musicians about their creative work, lives, and the absurdity of censorship. It will show unique recordings and previously unpublished archive footage from various events, including the Jarocin music festival. In the time when the Communist regime controlled the lives of Poles in many ways, music became the forum of free people. The Iron Curtain couldn’t stop Western rhythms reaching the country and it was precisely this music that made people realize their dignity and worth. From the very beginning, songs were about undermining stereotypes and building closer ties between people. This was evident at the biggest Polish rock festival in Jarocin, when twenty thousand people made a real oasis of freedom. Eventually, rock came from countryside, where it was played to break free from Catholicism. Rock smelled, smells and will smell like rebellion and hope for everybody.

2009 – Special Award at the Polish Film Festival in Chicago, USA.

About the directors:
The director, screenwriter, and editor Wojciech Słota studied television creation and production at the Łódź Film School from 1997 to 2000. In the early 1990s, he was in the rock music business, organising concerts and festivals. He is one of the “Cyberstudio” founders. Leszek Gnoiński is a screenwriter and music journalist, and author of several publications on the history of rock music in Poland. He is also a co-author of the “Encyclopaedia of Polish Rock Music”.

Section: Music moves the world

Screenplay: Wojciech Słota, Leszek Gnoiński

Dir. of Photography: Dariusz Szymura, Piotr Trela

Music: Marcin Dziuba, Piotr Fede

Cast: Marek Niedźwiecki, Krzysztof Skiba, Jurek Owsiak, Kazik Staszewski (Kult), Muniek Staszczyk (T. Love), Kora Jackowska (Maanam), Tomek Lipiński (Tilt and Brygada Kryzys), Krzysztof Grabowski (Dezerter)