An American Journey

An American Journey
Director: Philippe Séclier

France, documentary, 58 min., 2009, lithuanian and english subtitles
In contemporary photography, everybody agrees there is a “before” and an “after” “The Americans”, Robert Frank’s revolutionary book, published in 1958. Half a century later, French director and photo-book editor Philippe Séclier decided to follow in Robert Frank’s footsteps with only a digital video camera to explore the spirit of the beat generation and the impact of his book not only on the art of photography, but also on American culture. From Texas to Montana, from Nebraska to Louisiana, from New York to San Francisco, “An American Journey” is a 15,000 miles odyssey through contemporary America, moving between past and present, photography and cinema, and two Americas, separated by time. Besides documenting the birth of the famous book, this journey depicts, like Robert Frank’s trip before it, the experience of the wanderer and the lonesome road.

About the director:
Philippe Séclier (born 1958) is a French journalist, book editor and filmmaker. He has edited two photographic books “Hotel Puerto” (Hôtel Puerto 2001) and “The Long Gravel Road” (La Longue Route de Sable 2005) on a text by Pier Paolo Pasolini. He has also collaborated with “Magnum Photos” on “Magnum, 60 Years” (Magnum, 60 ans 2007) a book celebrating their 60th anniversary. In 2004, using archival images, he made his first documentary about the photographer Marc Riboud called “Moments of the Year” (Instants d’année). Séclier’s second documentary “An American Journey” is also a result of his lifelong interest in the history of photography.

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Screenplay: Philippe Séclier

Dir. of Photography: Philippe Séclier

Music: Karol Beffa