Winter's Bone
Director: Debra Granik

USA, drama, 99 min., 2010, lithuanian subtitles
Seventeen-year-old Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) sets out to track down her father, who is locally renowned for his skill at cooking methamphetamine, and has put their house up for his bail bond and then disappeared. If she fails, Ree and her family will be turned out into the Ozark woods. Challenging her outlaw kin's code of silence and risking her life, Ree hacks through the lies, evasions and threats offered up by her relatives and begins to piece together the truth.
With thrilling tension, the film depicts an archetypal rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. Stunningly genuine performances and exquisite visual details involves spectator in the world where the mythic and the naturalistic intermingle.

2010 – Grand Jury Prize for Drama at the Sundance Film Festival, USA.
2010 – Tagesspiegel Readers’ Prize and CICAE Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, Germany.
2010 – Special Jury Prize for Narrative and Audience Award at the Independent Film Festival of Boston, USA.
2010 – Audience Award for the Best Narrative Feature at the San Francisco International Film Festival, USA.
2010 – Special Jury Prize at the Sarasota Film Festival, USA.
2010 – Best Narrative Picture Grand Jury Award at the Florida Film Festival, USA.
2010 – Best Feature Film at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, USA.
2010 – Best Director and Best Actress at the Seattle International Film Festival, USA.
2010 – Best Narrative Feature at the Little Rock Film Festival, USA.
2010 – Best Director Award at the 31st Durban International Film Festival, South Africa.

About the director:
American independent filmmaker Debra Granik was born in 1963, in Cambridge, USA. At first she studied politics, later she graduated from the film program at New York University. Debra Granik is a constant participant in, and winner of, the Sundance Film Festival, USA; starting with her film “Snake Feed” (1998, Best Short), continuing with her first feature-length film “Down to the Bone” (2004, Dramatic Directing Award), and concluding with the director’s newest work – “Winter’s Bone”, analysing the theme of morality in severe reality.

Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini

Dir. of Photography: Michael McDonough

Music: Dickon Hinchliffe

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Dale Dickey, Garret Dillahunt, Sheryl Lee, Tate Taylor