To Swallow a Toad

Norīt Krupi
Director: Jurģis Krāsons

Latvia, animation, 2010, 9 min.
Once some “round” intellectuals lived in a small town. They were smart, kind, farsighted and successful. The reason for their success – they could swallow toads. But some that were “square” also lived in the small town. They were pragmatic realists – good was repaid with good, evil with evil, and no toads were ever swallowed. They lived in peace until one day a “square” discovered that the “rounds” swallow toads… The film was selected to the Official Competition program at Cannes International Film Festival in 2010.
Section: Latvian animated film programme

Screenplay: Ivo Briedis

Dir. of Photography: Renārs Zālītis

Music: Andris Barons