The Prefab People

Director: Béla Tarr

Hungary, drama, 84 min., 1982
Suffering from financial difficulties that slowly rip apart their once harmonious relationship, a married couple (Judit Pogány and Róbert Koltai) struggle to keep everything together. The development of their relationship is created and portrayed by the spontaneous reactions of the actors themselves, following the outlines of the story rather than the lines of a scripted scenario. With a stark realism, the film reflects the slow decay of a working-class marriage under the pressure of Communist-era misery and depression. But the situation of the film is universal and it could take place anywhere and at any time... Social drama “The Prefab People” is Béla Tarr’s third full-length feature.

1982 – Special Mention award at the Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland.

Section: Béla Tarr film retrospective

Screenplay: Béla Tarr

Dir. of Photography: Barna Mihók, Ferenc Pap

Cast: Judit Pogány, Róbert Koltai