The Mouth of the Wolf

La bocca del lupo
Director: Pietro Marcello

Italy, biography, dokumentary, drama, 70 min., 2009
Pietro Marcello’s “The Mouth of the Wolf” is a homage to the city and its marginalised citizens. Enzo (Vincenzo Motta) returns to Genoa after a long absence. He crosses the city in search of places he remembers from before, but they have been irreversibly changed by the passage of time. He finds Mary (Mary Monaco) waiting for him at the small house in the ghetto of the old city. Transsexual Mary, his life-long companion, has been waiting for Enzo to return from the prison where he was serving time. Mary and Enzo’s unusual union commenced behind prison bars and now plays out against the backdrop of Genoa’s port, streets and bars, until Mary becomes addicted to heroin and it is up to Enzo to save her... This melancholic feature is a blend of documentary and melodrama, combining a true story and archival footage with fiction. Two years ago, the audience of the International Kaunas Film Festival had a chance to see Pietro Marcello’s documentary “Crossing the Line”.

2009 – The International Federation of Film Critics’ (FIPRESCI) Prize and Prize of the City of Torino for the best film at the Torino International Festival of Young Cinema, Italy.
2010 – Caligari Film Award and Teddy Award for the best documentary at the Berlin International Film Festival, Germany.

About the director:
Pietro Marcello was born in Caserta, Italy, in 1976. He made his debut as a radio documentary director in 2002. In 2003, he debuted behind the movie camera with the short films, in 2004 and 2005 he directed the acclaimed documentaries “The Yard” (Il cantiere) and “The Hut” (La baracca). In 2007 he directed “Crossing the Line” (Il passaggio della linea), a documentary that was entirely filmed on express trains travelling through Italy. The documentary screened in the “Horizons” section of the 64th Venice Film Festival. Marcello’s latest film “The Mouth of the Wolf” (La bocca del lupo) also began life as a documentary, but soon after the director met Sicilian Vincenzo Motta, the star of the future film, and it developed into a biographical drama based on a true story.

Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Pietro Marcello

Dir. of Photography: Pietro Marcello

Music: Era

Cast: Vincenzo Motta, Mary Monaco