The Mosquito Net

La Mosquitera
Director: Agustí Vila

Spain, drama, 95 min., 2010, lithuanian subtitles
“The Mosquito Net” is a tragicomedy about a bourgeois family stuck in their own little worlds. The title of the film is a reference to the story devised by one of the characters about a girl that is always scared of stepping on ants and that does not use a mosquito net. This is only one of the multiple neuroses haunting each of the characters in the film. The story focuses on a confused family. Alicia (Emma Suárez), a writer and an illustrator of weird fairy-tales, indulges her teenage son Luis (Marcos Franz) who keeps bringing home stray dogs and cats. The boys’ father Miguel (Eduard Fernández) tries to discourage his son from such eccentric behaviour, but for Luis, a boy of few words, it is the only way to escape from his parents who are going through a marital crisis. In the mean time, Alicia’s sister Rachelle (Anna Ycobalzeta), a single mother, is experiencing financial difficulties and friction with her young daughter. Miguel’s elderly parents – Maria, played by the elegant Geraldine Chaplin, and Robert (Fermí Reixach), fighting Alzheimer’s disease and suicidal tendencies – also show up in the film. Each member of the family tries to save something that can justify him or her; all of them feel guilt and try to control their often uncontrollable feelings. Attempts to justify actions lead to misunderstandings that are comical and tragic at the same time.  
2010 – Crystal Globe in the 45th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic.  

About the director:
Agustí Vila was born in Barcelona in 1961. He has directed numerous TV shows: episode 1 titled “Alice and a Parrot” (Alícia i el lloro) for the series “New Fiction” (Nova ficció) in 1997, and six episodes of the TV show “Paid to Laugh” (Pagats per riure) in 2000. In 1993, Vila directed a short film “Man of Glass” (El hombre de cristal). Six years later, he filmed a comical drama “A Bench in a Park” (Un banco en el parque) – which he wrote the script for. The film was awarded for the best music, while Àlex Brendemühl was recognised the best actor in the Toulouse Cinespaña film festival. Agustí Vila has also produced a documentary “3055 Jean Leon” (2006) which was nominated in the category of the Best Documentary in Barcelona Film Festival.
Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Agustí Vila

Dir. of Photography: Neus Ollé

Music: Alfons Conde

Cast: Emma Suárez, Eduard Fernández, Geraldine Chaplin, Marcos Franz, Alex Batilori, Fermí Reixach