The Forest

Director: Piotr Dumała

Poland, drama, 75 min., 2009, english subtitles
“The Forest” by Piotr Dumała centres around a father (Stanisław Brudny) and son (Mariusz Bonaszewski) and their relationship. The film combines two parallel narratives: scenes of the old father leading his son through a forest, and simultaneous scenes with him being under his son’s care, confined to bed with a deadly illness. Referring to the biblical theme of Abraham and Isaac, the film examines the difficult relationship of understanding between a father and son and their co-dependency, in which the questions of domination, cooperation, love, sacrifice and death appear and the roles of protector and protected reverse over time. “The Forest” is a symbolic and archetypical tale, which fascinates with its dreamlike atmosphere, visually and emotionally captivating images, and beautifully composed frames. And at the same time, it is full of tension and psychological dramatism...

2009 – Special Jury Prize at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Poland.
Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Piotr Dumała

Dir. of Photography: Adam Sikora

Music: Paweł Szymański

Cast: Stanisław Brudny, Mariusz Bonaszewski