Director: Tarik Saleh

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Suomija, animation, 80 min., 2009, lithuanian and english subtitles
The near future of 2024 is dark and dismal. Global oil reserves have been depleted and an enormous metro system connects Europe. The hero of the film, Roger (voice by Vincent Gallo), works in the metro tunnels and lives in a spartan Stockholm apartment. The boy hears a weird voice in his head. At first it sounds like a small voice, but eventually appears to belong to Stefan, who is one of the many who control “normal” people through the chips implanted in their brains. Moreover, he is somehow connected to Nina, a weird model from a TV shampoo commercial, whom Roger is helplessly in love with… A total mess breaks loose when Roger tries to unveil the conspiracy of control over mind and body. The film blends science fiction and state-of-the-art animation techniques involving perfectly stylised processing of images.

2009 – Best Music award at the Stockholm Film Festival, Sweden.
2009 – Future Film Festival Digital Award at the Venice Film Festival.

About the director:
Swedish TV producer, animator, journalist, director, graffiti artist and filmmaker Tarik Saleh, of Egyptian origin, was born in Stockholm on 28 January 1972. He began his career as a graffiti artist. His works can still be found on the walls of Western Stockholm. His passion for animation has brought him to many creative projects. Together with Erik Gandini, he has directed a number of documentaries that have won numerous awards. In 2001, he filmed the documentary “Sacrificio – Who betrayed Che Guevara?” about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the famous revolutionary’s death. The film won main prizes at international film festivals in Cuba, Portugal and Brazil, and provoked fiery debates across Europe and Latin America. In 2005, the filmmakers produced the documentary “Gitmo” about terrorism and the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. The film won the Best Documentary Award at the Seattle Film Festival (USA), and received a special attention of the jury at the Miami Film Festival (USA).

Section: Animation programme

Screenplay: Stig Larrson, Fredrik Edni, Tarik Saleh

Music: Krister Linder