Just Between Us

Neka ostane medju nama
Director: Rajko Grlić

Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, comedy, drama, 87 min., 2010, lithuanian and english subtitles
“Just Between Us” is a wicked and indiscreet contemporary story about infidelity and the whirling erotic passions that percolate beneath the dull, composed surface of everyday life. Set in Zagreb streets, apartments and beds, Rajko Grlić’s tragicomic drama is about things that happen in well-established families that are mainly kept secret, but that nevertheless remain painful. The film centres on two brothers Nikola (Miki Manojlović) and Braco (Bojan Navojec), and their wives, lovers, and their children, who do not know who their real fathers are. Double lives and complex relationships are blended into a bittersweet story about the relentless quest for love and happiness, about passion that never ceases, and the terrible consequences that arise, even by chance, when one ends up in a bed that is not one’s own.

2010 – Best Director Award and Europa Cinemas Label Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic.
2010 – Seven Golden Arena awards in Best Film, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Production Design, Best Sound Editing categories at the Pula Film Festival, Croatia.

About the director:
Rajko Grlić was born in 1947 in Zagreb, Croatia. He graduated in film directing in Prague, Czech Republic (1971). He started his career as a filmmaker in 1966 directing short films and television documentaries. In 1974, Grlić’s first full-length feature film “Whichever Way the Ball Bounces” (Kud puklo da puklo) was released. His second feature “Bravo Maestro” (1978) was nominated for the Golden Palm at the Cannes Festival. Grlić has directed, written, co-written, produced and edited numerous films, which have been shown in cinemas across all five continents, and have been included in competition programmes of leading world festivals and received international awards. “Just Between Us” (Neka ostane medju nama) is Rajko Grlić’s latest highly critically acclaimed film. Besides filmmaking, he is also an Eminent Professor in Film at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and artistic director of the Motovun Film Festival, held annually in Motovun, Croatia.

Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Ante Tomić, Rajko Grlić

Dir. of Photography: Slobodan Trninić

Music: Alan Bjelinski, Alfi Kabiljo

Cast: Miki Manojlović, Bojan Navojec, Nataša Dorčić, Daria Lorenci, Ksenija Marinković