Help Gone Mad

Сумасшедшая помощь
Director: Boris Khlebnikov

Russia, comedy, 118 min., 2009, lithuanian, english subtitles
Kind, sincere and lazy Yevgeni (Yevgeni Syty) arrives in Moscow from a small village in Belarus to find work. And he doesn’t succeed: separated from his companions, the man is left alone in a big, unwelcoming city without money and documents. Suddenly he meets a strange old man (Sergei Dreyden), who invites Yevgeni to stay with him. Yevgeni is charmed by the simplicity and hospitality of his new acquaintance, so when invited to join a peculiar fight against the evil of the contemporary megapolis, he gets involved in the old man’s plans. The ambition to help people leads to a series of unexpected adventures. But soon Yevgeni meets the old stranger’s daughter (Anna Mikhalkova), who reveals the secret of her father... This eccentric comedy by director Boris Khlebnikov is a Russian version of Don Quixote’s story. It combines almost-documentary realism and surrealistic episodes, melancholy and grotesque.

About the director:
Boris Khlebnikov was born in 1972 in Moscow. In 1997, he graduated from the Russian State Film Institute, majoring in cinema studies. That same year, he made his first short documentary film, “Passerby” (Мимоход, 1997), co-directed by Alexei Popogrebski. In 2003, they collaborated again on Khlebnikov’s first full-length feature film, “Roads to Koktebel” (Коктебель, 2003), that won several awards in film festivals in Europe. While shooting his acclaimed second feature “Free Floating” (Свободное плавание, 2006), Khlebnikov met the actor Yevgeni Syty. His acting style impressed the director so much, that he wrote the script for his next film “Help Gone Mad” (2009) already knowing, that Syty would play the lead role.

Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Boris Khlebnikov, Aleksandr Rodionov

Dir. of Photography: Shandor Berkeshi

Cast: Yevgeni Syty, Sergei Dreyden, Anna Mikhalkova, Aleksandr Yatsenko, Igor Chernevich