Director: Alexander Kviria

United Kingdom, documentary, 2010, 48 min.
The film is a story about the small village of Gorelovka, located in Southern Georgia. It was founded in the mid 19th century by Dukhobors, a group of Russian religious dissidents. Because of their anarchist and pacifist beliefs, the Dukhobors were banished from Russia by Tsar Nicholas I. They managed to keep their identity and traditions throughout the Soviet period. However, under political and economical pressure, many Dukhobors have now left Georgia and their heritage is disappearing with the last inhabitants of Gorelovka...

About the director:
Alexander Kviria is a Georgian director, cinematographer and editor, now residing in London. He studied law in Tbilisi (1989–1994) and film directing in the Russian State Film Institute in Moscow (2000–2003). Since 1998 he has worked as television director, editor and screen writer in Georgia and Russia. He debuted as a filmmaker in 1999 and has made about 20 documentary, fiction films and video art projects since then. One of Kviria’s first films “Story #...” (2001) was filmed in Lithuania during a workshop for filmmakers.

Section: Identity

Dir. of Photography: Alexander Kviria