David wants to fly

David wants to fly
Director: David Sieveking

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, dokumentika, 2010, 96 min.
The documentary explores the history of transcendental meditation movement. Created and developed by guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, this religious movement is now practiced by over six million people all over the world, including celebrities, such as film director David Lynch. After meeting with Lynch, a young filmmaker from Berlin David Sieveking becomes interested in transcendental meditation and goes on a trip following a trail of the mysterious movement. He travels across the USA and then to India, getting closer and closer to the highly guarded secrets… Throughout the odyssey David Sieveking never loses his sly sense of humour that gives this surprising film its strength, elegance and charm.

About the director:
David Sieveking was born in 1977 in Friedberg, Germany. He studied film directing at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (2000–2007), also working as an editor, assistant director and actor in film and television productions. He debuted as a filmmaker in 2000, and since then he has made several short films and documentaries that have screened at international festivals and on television. In 2005 his short film “The American Embassy” (Die Amerikanische Botschaft, 2003) was showed at the Cannes Film Festival and the director won two up-and-coming awards.

Section: Identity

Screenplay: David Sieveking

Dir. of Photography: Adrian Stähli

Music: Karl Stirner