Director: Béla Tarr

Hungary, drama, 122 min., 1987, lithuanian and english subtitles
The black and white film tells the story of Karrer, a man suffering from depression, who falls in love with a married woman who sings in a local bar called “Titanic”. She also loves Karrer, wishes for a better life and dreams of becoming a famous performer. The bartender at “Titanic” suggests Karrer make some money from contraband, but the man refuses the job in favour of the singer’s husband Sebastian. The deal temporarily removes a competitor from the path, but things do not go according to Karrer’s plans. Betrayals follow one another, until the main character has nothing else to do, but wander the streets aimlessly under the rain... The film served as a background for the director’s and screenwriter’s further collaboration on the seven-hour film “Satantango”.

1988 – Bronze Rosa Camuna at the Bergamo Film Meeting, Italy.
2005 – France Culture Award at the Cannes Film Festival in the category of Foreign Cineaste of the Year.

Section: Béla Tarr film retrospective

Screenplay: László Krasznahorkai, Béla Tarr

Dir. of Photography: Gábor Medvigy

Music: Mihaly Vig

Cast: Miklós Székely B., Vali Kerekes, Hédi Temessy, Gyula Pauer, György Cserhalmi