Director: Kaspar Jancis

Estonia, animation, 2009, 17 min.
The story of a former opera star who is forced by the will of Fate to wear a Styrofoam costume of a crocodile to entertain children in the playroom of a shopping centre. This kind of life seems joyless and even disgusting to the former leading tenor, and he vents his frustration by behaving rudely. Until one day, a femme fatale and… a crocodile enter his life.

2009 – Grand Prix at the Eksjö International Animated Film festival in Sweden and at the Animateka Animated Film festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2009 – Best of International Animation programme award at the Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Germany.
Section: Estonian animated film programme

Screenplay: Kaspar Jancis

Music: Kaspar Jancis