Man tänker sitt
Director: Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel

Sweden, drama, 76 min., 2009, lithuanian and english subtitles
“Burrowing” (Man tänker sitt) is a beautifully composed and contemplative story told through a child’s perspective. Eleven-year-old Sebastian (Sebastian Eklund) lives with his mother in a Swedish suburb. From an elevated spot on the playground, he surveys his neighbourhood: Jimmy (Jörgen Svensson), who lives with his parents even though he has a child of his own, Anders (Hannes Sandahl), who’s just been given planning permission for a new carport, Mischa (Marek Kostrzewski), who came as a guest worker in the 1970s but still hasn’t left and now is looking for fish in a hollow, where rainwater flows into a brook.
Focusing on several misfitting personalities and taking inspiration from antiglobalist and transcendentalist writings of Henry David Thoreau, directors Henrik Hellström and Fredrik Wenzel create an impressionistic and mosaic-like drama exploring the solitude of the individual in contemporary society. The mesmerizing soundtrack was composed by Erik Enocksson, who is already familiar to the viewers of Kaunas International Film Festival for his music in films “Farewell Falkenberg” (Farväl Falkenberg, 2006) and “Skinnskatteberg” (2008).

About the directors:
Fredrik Wenzel was born in 1978 in Sweden. He debuted in cinema in 2006, when he and Jesper Ganslandt co-wrote a script for the highly acclaimed film “Farewell Falkenberg” (Farväl Falkenberg), which was screened in Kaunas International Film Festival in 2007. The film was Sweden’s Oscars nomination for 2007, and the writers were nominated for the Swedish Film Institute’s Golden Bug (Guldbagge) award for the best screenplay. Fredrik Wenzel was also a cinematographer of that film.
Henrik Hellström was born 1974 in Sweden. He is trained at the Malmö Theatre Academy and has previously directed theatre production and short films. He also appeared in several short films as an actor. “Burrowing” (Man tänker sitt) is the directorial debut of this creative duet.

Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Henrik Hellström, Fredrik Wenzel

Dir. of Photography: Fredrik Wenzel

Music: Erik Enocksson

Cast: Sebastian Eklund, Jörgen Svensson, Hannes Sandahl, Marek Kostrzewski, Bodil Wessberg, Silas Franceen