Bibliothèque Pascal

Gyöngéd kezelés
Director: Szabolcs Hajdu

Hungary, Germany, drama, 111 min., 2010, lithuanian and english subtitles
Forced to look for a better life abroad, Mona Paparu (Orsolya Török-Illyés), a Romanian of Hungarian origin, has to put her three-year-old daughter in the care of aunt, a fortune-teller. Unfortunately, the girl is taken into custody by a child protection agency. When Mona returns home, she has to give and account to the agency on how she spent a year abroad. The woman begins the confession of her travels, love and crime that takes the viewer to the colourful nightlife of Liverpool and the mysterious club called “Bibliothèque Pascal”. Accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack, dreamy camera and special effects, the story of a lonely Eastern European mother turns into a visual modern tale of a dangerous pursuit of happiness. Three years ago, the audience of the International Kaunas Film Festival had a chance to see the autobiographical film of Szabolcs Hajdú “White Palms”.

2010 – The film won the main prize of Golden Reel in the Hungarian Film Week, András Nagy was recognised the best cinematographer; the film was also awarded the Gene Moskowitz Prize and the main prize of the Students Jury.
2010 – CICAE Award in Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

About the director:
Director, scriptwriter and actor Szabolcs Hajdú was born in Hungary in 1972. He graduated from the Budapest University of Theatre and Film Art. His debut work “Necropolis” received critical acclaim, while his first feature film “Sticky Matters” (hu. Macerás ügyek) won the first prize of the Hungarian Film Week and the jury prize in the Kiev international film festival “Molodist” in 2003. The autobiographical film “White Palms” (hu. Fehér tenyér) introduced in 2006 was shown in the Directors’ Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival. “Bibliothèque Pascal” is the director’s fifth feature film.

Section: Wide angle

Screenplay: Szabolcs Hajdú

Dir. of Photography: András Nagy

Music: Flanger (Burnt Friedman, Atom)

Cast: Orsolya Török-Illyés, Oana Pellea, Razvan Vasilescu, Andi Vasluianu, Shamgar Amram, Mihai Constantin, Lujza Hajdu