Anything but black

Anything but black
Director: Aušra Linkevičiūtė

Lithuania, United Kingdom, documentary, 2009, 20 min., english subtitles
The 20 minute documentary focuses on a simple and natural subject – death. At least this is what it seems to the elderly rural women interviewed by the filmmaker. There is no fear, only serene smiles on their faces when they show their future “death dresses”. The attitude of the heroines of the film towards death is incomprehensible and unacceptable to the younger generation, which rejects the fact of death and is sceptical about the philosophy of their mothers and grandmothers. “Anything But Black” is a glance at old age, unique rural traditions and gradually changing values and fashions.
The young director, Aušra Linkevičiūtė, shot the women of her film in three villages around the town of Kaltanėnai, in Lithuania's Aukštaitija National Park. She has also made other films on the subject: several shorts about old age and one about London’s famous Highgate Cemetery.  

2009 – Best Film award in the International Student Ethnographic Film Festival in London, United Kingdom.

About the director:
Aušra Linkevičiūtė graduated in Graphical Design from London University of the Arts. This year, she took a Master’s degree in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London. “Anything But Black” was the author’s diploma work. The film was selected for screening in this year’s “Beeld Voor Beeld” documentary festival in Amsterdam as well as London International Documentary Festival.

Section: Identity

Dir. of Photography: Aušra Linkevičiūtė