Almanac of Fall

Öszi almanach
Director: Béla Tarr

Hungary, drama, 120 min., 1984, lithuanian and english subtitles
An old woman, Hédi (Hédi Temessy), lives in a house with her 30-year-old son János (János Derzsi), her nurse Anna (Erika Bodnár) and her lover Miklós (Miklós Székely B.), and Miklós’s teacher friend Tibor (Pál Hetényi). All residents have two interests that stimulate all the events in the house: Hédi’s savings or Anna’s body. The story evolves from intense two-part dialogues and encounters. All actions, even the demonstration of love and tenderness, are driven by the greed for money or other manipulative reasons. “Almanac of Fall” is a pessimistic drama, combining psychological tension and remarkable cinematography, especially the use of colour and unconventional positions of the camera.

1984 – Ernest Artaria Award at the Locarno International Film Festival.

Section: Béla Tarr film retrospective

Screenplay: Béla Tarr

Dir. of Photography: Buda Gulyás, Sándor Kardos, Ferenc Pap

Music: Mihály Vig

Cast: Hédi Temessy, Erika Bodnár, Miklós Székely B., Pál Hetényi, János Derzsi