200 000 Phantoms

Nijuman no borei
Director: Jean-Gabriel Périot

France, animation, 10 min., 2007
A documentary footage of over 600 pictures of the Genbaku Dome, destroyed during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Built in 1914, this magnificent building was the centre of Hiroshima’s life, but the structure was annihilated together with the lives of 78 000 people and the entire city in a single moment. Today, Hiroshima is similar to many other metropolitan areas of the world. The picture of the ruined dome silently overlooking the city can still be seen in the centre of the screen. Although the size of the building is the same in all the pictures, it seems to be shrinking from the massive skyscrapers rising around it…

2007 – Jury’s Special Mention in the international Aix-en-Provence short film festival in France.
2007 – Audience Award in the international Brief Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol.
2007 – Best Experimental Film Award in the Montecatini International Short Film Festival in Italy.
2007 – Best Documentary in the independent film festival L’Alternativa in Barcelona.
2008 – Award for Best Editing in the Lutin Short Film Festival in France.

Section: Best of Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. European Short Animation