Kaunas Film Festival moves from the country's oldest film theatre to the newest one


Monday night, films from Kaunas International Film Festival will reach Vilnius audience. The recently opened “Pasaka“ film theatre will screen selected new films from all over the world and invite viewers to meet filmmakers.

Almost entire programme of Kaunas Film Festival will be screened in Vilnius this week. It will begin with the bold films from the Music Moves the World programme section, such as: All Tomorrow's Parties; It Might Get Loud; Wild Combination: The Portrait of Arthur Russell; and Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love, which made the audience cry in almost full screening hall.

The capital’s cineastes will also see Broken Embraces, 33 Scenes from Life, Back Soon and other films deeply appreciated by the audience in Kaunas. Viewers in Vilnius will also enjoy an exclusive meeting with Josh and Benny Safdie, authors of Go Get Some Rosemary and independent filmmakers from New York.

The festival, which lasted for almost two weeks in Kaunas, attracted thousands of cineastes and temporarily revived the oldest film theatre in Lithuania “Romuva” bringing nostalgic memories of the ‘age of gold’ when lovers of film had to do their best to get into the crowded screening hall. This year, the festival offered films in four different programme sections including All the Muses dedicated to the world of art and creativity. 33 films from neighbouring European countries, USA, Canada and the exotic Iceland were screened in Kaunas during the festival.

French filmmaker Phillippe Lioret’s work Welcome was the favourite of the viewers in Kaunas. The event in Kaunas ended with the film Bouzkachi: The Chant of the Steppes shot in France and Uzbekistan and balancing between a fairy tale and a documentary. It was introduced by the filmmaker Jacques Debs himself and the world known Lithuanian artist Stasys Eidrigevičius who also played one of the most important roles in the film. Throughout the weekend, the guests communicated with Kaunas’ audience and on Monday they will come to meet the viewers in “Pasaka” film theatre.

Kaunas International Film Festival will continue in “Pasaka” film theatre in Vilnius until Sunday, October 18.