• Films which had Lithuanian premieres in Kaunas Film Festival win EP LUX Prize
    For the second year in a row, one of the films premiered in Lithuania at Kaunas International Film Festival has won the annual LUX Prize awarded by the European Parliament.
  • Commercial of Kaunas International Film Festival appreciated by British advertising professionals
    Kaunas International Film Festival's commercial made it to the December issue of the cult magazine shots published in the UK and read by advertising professionals all over the world. The video produced by a Lithuanian advertising agency Not Perfect Y&R and production house Dansu was published as a model creative work.
  • Independent American filmmakers in Lithuania: Go get some rosemary and life will change
    “Go get some rosemary!“ may well become a new motto for all who have watched the film Go Get Some Rosemary in Kaunas International Film Festival. With this phrase, the authors of the film Benny and Josh Safdies expressed the tiny boundary between the state of happiness and the state of sadness. You go to get some rosemary from the store and something may change, your sadness and loneliness may be replaced by new ideas, your problems may seem ridiculous and you may be overwhelmed with joy.

    October 16 and 18, Kaunas International Film Festival invites cineastes to “Pasaka“ film theatre downtown of Vilnius city and offers a unique opportunity to see Go Get Some Rosemary, which is an example of independent American film, and to meet its directors Josh and Benny Safdies who have come to Vilnius straight from New York.
  • Kaunas Film Festival moves from the country's oldest film theatre to the newest one
    Monday night, films from Kaunas International Film Festival will reach Vilnius audience. The recently opened “Pasaka“ film theatre will screen selected new films from all over the world and invite viewers to meet filmmakers.

    Almost entire programme of Kaunas Film Festival will be screened in Vilnius this week. It will begin with the bold films from the Music Moves the World programme section, such as: All Tomorrow's Parties; It Might Get Loud; Wild Combination: The Portrait of Arthur Russell; and Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love, which made the audience cry in almost full screening hall.
  • Stasys Eidrigevičius: “Kaunas is a very important city in the path of my creative work“
    After the screening of the film Bouzkachi: The Chant of Steppes on Saturday night, viewers of Kaunas International Film Festival had an opportunity to meet and talk with the artist Stasys Eidrigevičius. He said he was very happy to meet the Lithuanian audience and introduce the film in which he played.

    “When Ilona called me and invited me to come to Kaunas Film Festival, I was very glad,“ remembers Eidrigevičius. “Kaunas was a very important stage of my creative work together with the cities of Panevėžys and Vilnius.“
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